As in this era open source programs are in trend and those are very much imprtant to create fast and dynamic website and for this PHP and PHP+ is most important language using mysql database.since yo ucan learn any database with php either sql server or mysql.we will also provide a proper tutorial about various CMS as magento,Zoomla and wordpress.Also there will be a seperate class for MVC framework using latest technologies such as REdBeanPHP ORM and codeigniter framework.


Participant Must have knowledge of some basic of programming like c and c++.


Those interested in learning about poen source development world should take notice of this class. It is intended to be fully accessible to programmers who do not already have a strong background in object-oriented programming in C-like languages such as C++ or Java. The course may also be taken by more experienced programmers who desire a thorough introduction to php and mysql with many example programs.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create independent classes with their own operators, methods, and attributes defined.
  • Create valid object oriented components in order to easily update code.
  • Create and compile applications using the C# compiler.
  • Create and customize web page using ASP.Net.
  • Understand the concepts of the language C#.


After completing training program you will get a live project in backstreets technologies and you will contribute in that project.