Search engine marketing, (SEM), is a form of Internet marketing that is used to promote a website by increasing their visibility in search engine with the use of paid placement , contextual advertising, and paid inclusion

we start to analysis target audience and set goals and key performance indicators. then construct initial list of important keywords which representscurrent and most relevant content and stable content.

we Validate keywords by testing and refining them with your keyword selector tools such as Yahoo Keyword Selector, Google Keyword Selector, Google Trends and Keyword Discovery. we Optimise your website by improving your web design, architecture and web page content.

1. Pay Per Click management

Pay Per Click management confirms top listings of your business website in search engines, advertising networks, on quality content websites and blogs. Pay per click (PPC) (also called Cost per click) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked.

2. Hyperlinks linked

To and from your website help you to get better rankings on a search engine. Hyperlinks linking to sites with a good PR (Page Rank) will be even more effective. Good links are valued highly by the search engine algorythms. Search engine spiders crawl your website to index its pages, after which the site is being placed in the seach results. If a crawler finds that your website is often being linked to and from, this means an immediate step up in the search engine ranking results. SEM Web Services has extensive experience in handling link building campaigns and provides link building services in many modes and packages (Back Links, Three Way Links and Two Way Links).

3. Directory Submission Services

Through our directory submission services, you will get your website listed on various web directories and search engines. This helps in improving overall link popularity of your website.

4. Project Outsourcing

SEM Web Services invites and happily takes on SEO and SEM projects from overseas clients. Anyone interested in tying with us can hire our dedicated professionals exclusively for their projects on the basis of affordable fees and charges.

5. Top 10 ranking Solution

Achieving top ranking positions in the search engines .your business related keywords requires the proper technology, skill, and know. Backstreets technologies always works efficiently in ensuring your websites getting top 10 ranking in the major Search engines like Google, Yahoo, bing etc. Through constant monitoring of your site we ensure that even if you get top 10 rankings, you are regularly monitored so that you are always focused on the rules and criteria which search engines changes from time to time.

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Employment & Skills

Employment & Skills PDF Print E-mail To successfully execute tasks and promote products within a company,

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Grow Your Business

The growing your business isn’t just a worthy goal but growing business is a necessity for your business’s survival and your economic well-being. What can you do to get your business to be grow highly?the way for growing business successfully by other businesses and, with some planning and investment, will work for you.

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Environment & Efficiency

Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans-EREP is an innovative regulatory program that helps Victorian businesses meet climate change and resource scarcity challenges. Through EREP, industry can realise the business opportunities presented by resource efficiency by implementing actions that achieve environmental benefits and direct cost savings in a short timeframe.

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Web Application

Every web application development project starts with strategy discussions. Here we’ll work with you to define the high level outcomes for the application.


While developing any kind of software product, the first question in any developer's mind is, “What are the qualities that a good software should have ?"


While developing any kind of software product, the first question in any developer's mind is, “What are the qualities that a good software should have ?"

Mobile Application

As the smartphone market continues to grow, as a large number of featurephone owners migrate to more powerful, Internet-connected.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.