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Employment & Skills

Employment & Skills PDF Print E-mail To successfully execute tasks and promote products within a company,

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Grow Your Business

The growing your business isn’t just a worthy goal but growing business is a necessity for your business’s survival and your economic well-being. What can you do to get your business to be grow highly?the way for growing business successfully by other businesses and, with some planning and investment, will work for you.

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Environment & Efficiency

Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans-EREP is an innovative regulatory program that helps Victorian businesses meet climate change and resource scarcity challenges. Through EREP, industry can realise the business opportunities presented by resource efficiency by implementing actions that achieve environmental benefits and direct cost savings in a short timeframe.

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Website maintenance

Website maintenance is the process in which we assure you to maintain your website according to your need. the steps which we include in website maintenance are as follow:-

1. Graphics & Animation Updates –

Adding, editing and sizing of any pictures / animations to the existing website.

2. Website Content Updates –

adding, editing and/or removing any text or copy on the existing site including any articles, reports, contact information and product or service description.

3. Script / Program Updates –

adding, editing, removing and installing any scripts, programs or software to the existing website.

4. Services We Offer

  • We monitor your web site intermittently and upon your request.
  • We check for and fix any broken links.
  • We check for poor or fading images and replace as required.
  • We update your web page (static page) Meta tags.
  • We list your business with search engines monthly.
  • We search for and recommend to you web companies for reciprocal linking or affiliating with, that will better expose your company.
  • We will test all e-mail accounts (requires you to confirm receipt).
  • We will remain in-touch with your server(s) and inform you if any server changes are important to your account.
  • We will make minor changes to sentence or paragraph wording (this does not include removing nearly all the text from a page and replacing it with new text).

5. Complete Monthly Backups –

each month your existing website will be backed up and saved to our local server.

Our Services

Web Application

Every web application development project starts with strategy discussions. Here we’ll work with you to define the high level outcomes for the application.


While developing any kind of software product, the first question in any developer's mind is, “What are the qualities that a good software should have ?"


While developing any kind of software product, the first question in any developer's mind is, “What are the qualities that a good software should have ?"

Mobile Application

As the smartphone market continues to grow, as a large number of featurephone owners migrate to more powerful, Internet-connected.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.